09 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing (OccupyHancAquam Edition)

OccupyWallStreet:  "anarchists for Big Government."  Heh.

On creating your own dragons to slay:  Challenge violent Islamic hegemony?  Too dangerous.  "Better to create a dragon that can only be slain with performance-art zombie metaphors.”

Occupiers & Tea Partiers:  "Scrape off the 31 different kinds of Marxist mold growing on the surface of the 99 Percenters, hose off the stench of urine, bong water, and failure, and you’ll find a complaint that many Tea Partiers can appreciate. . ."

Boston officials (all Dems) let Occupiers occupy their city w/o permits.  Not so much when the Tea Partiers were in town.

"Down with evil corporations," he wrote on his iPhone while balancing a Starbucks' venti latte on his Edie Bauer backpack.

She saw the whole thing!  And now she can't unsee it.

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