15 October 2011

A preacher's sloth?

Q:  Father, why no homilies lately?

A:  Licensed philosophers don't write homilies.  Heh.  Just kidding.  Since I left Blackfriars I haven't been the principal celebrant at Mass.  We have about 70 friars here at the Angelicum.  I never preside at the conventual Mass b/c it's in Italian.  And the English Mass schedule is well-stocked with American and Indian priests.  Sooooo. . .until I get back to the US and start presiding again. . .

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  1. Ron C6:04 AM

    When are you coming back and were?
    Your friend Ron

  2. Ron, don't know yet. . .lots of possibilities, so it will take a little time to work something out.

    Pray for me! :-)

  3. Anonymous7:01 PM

    You really should learn Italian. Isn't it kind of rude not to learn the language of the community you live in? Or should I assume you are busy taking Italian classes and just not yet up to grade?

    Pace e buono!

  4. Anon., I should say that my Italian is not very good. I had a great teacher but Math and Foreign Lang. have always been my downfall in school.

    Even though the Angelicum is in Rome, we are NOT an Italian community nor are we a ministry of any of the Italian provinces. All of the friars are assigned directly under the jurisdiction of the Master and we serve an international community. There are about 70 of us here from all over the world: the US, Germany, France, the Philippines, Nigeria, Mexico, India, etc. In fact, almost every friar here speaks English. We have English classes, English Masses, etc. I have argued that by requiring profs to learn Italian we severely limit the number of willing candidates from the US. Italian is a beautiful language, but it's not really spoken widely outside of Italy. Not many profs want to take the time to learn a lang. that's not widely spoken nor all that useful in academic research.