20 June 2014

Apologies. . .

Apologies for the dearth in blogging this week. . .

I arrived back in NOLA to 300+ emails and Facebook msgs. 

There will be a homily for Corpus Christi on Sunday and then things should be back to normal after that.

I have to report for jury duty on July 1st. NOLA doesn't excuse jury duty except under very specific criteria. I don't meet any those criterion. It's the criminal court in NOLA, so I'm expecting a murder case. And even if I plea opposition to the death penalty, they will simply move me to another case.
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15 June 2014

Promoter of Preaching

The Chapter of the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres met last week. 

The brothers-in-chapter elected Fr. Thomas Condon, OP as the next prior provincial of the Southern Province. Fr. Condon appointed Fr. Jorge Rativa, OP as his socius.

The diffinitorium met this week and made several appointments. . .

Yours Truly was appointed to the office of Promoter of Preaching.

My first response, "Does this office come with a hat?"

The answer: "No." 

I say, "No. Not YET."
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Nuns, nuns, nuns!

Back from NJ. . .spent the last week with wonderful nuns of Summit and the novices from Menlo Park, Lufkin, and Farmington Hills. We had a blast!

I was teaching in the MTS program: Theology and Its Sources.
Click on the link for pics.
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