20 June 2010

Why is the LCWR covering up sexual abuse by sisters?

Fr. Z. rips into a NCR article about the allegedly superior "relational wisdom" of women and the Church's refusal to admit them into its hierarchical governance.   We've all heard ad nauseum the mantra, "If women could be priests, there would be no abuse scandal!"

Oh really?

Here are a few paragraphs from ecclesial gadfly Fr. Tom Doyle on the allegedly superior relational wisdom of the LCWR-crowd of sisters:

The sexual and physical abuse by nuns is far more widespread than most people are aware of. The nuns have been protected by the inability of most people to believe that such things were possible but I can assure you, they were possible and the reality is far worse than one could imagine.

In light of the highly visible and vocal support of most contemporary nuns, including their leadership in LCWR for victims of social injustice both inside and outside the Church, we would certainly expect that they would quickly respond openly, honestly and with compassion to victims of religious women. The opposite has been true. The religious congregations of women who have been sued have fought the victims with a viciousness that was equal to or exceeded that of many bishops. The LCWR has treated the victims who have tried to communicate with them in a disgraceful and downright unchristian manner. They have been as cold, as clerical, as arrogant and as dishonest as the bishops.

They have refused to even consider cleaning the mess in their own house. They have treated those who have brought the mess to their attention with cruelty and disdain. 

To quote Fr. Z., "Zowie!"  Zowie, indeed.  The LCWR has repeatedly refused to allow victims of sexual abuse by sisters to speak at their annual conferences.  Odd, the LCWR sisters constantly tells us that they are all about justice for the marginalized and the oppressed.  Sisters, justice starts at home.

So, the next time you hear a LCWR sister grousing about the hierarchy and it's Old Boys' Club mentality, send them an email reminding them that there's nothing special about women that prevents them from sexually abusing children.  This scandal is about HUMAN sin. . .not celibacy, or the all-male priesthood.  It's sin.  Plain and simple.

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Care for elderly friars

Q:  Where do Dominicans go when they get old? 

Sounds like the start of a bad joke, uh?  Like, "How many Jesuits does it take to change a light bulb?" Answer:  "Thirteen.  One to change the bulb and twelve to write articles in America condemning papal infallibility!"  

You will sometimes hear religious say, "We don't retire.  We just drop dead."  True enough. 

Seriously, as long as a friar is not in need of 24/7 nursing care, he can live in his assigned priory.  We have one friar in my province who is 95 and still going!  

If intensive nursing care is necessary, most provinces have facilities where friars can live and receive the care they need.  About ten years ago, my province joined with several other congregations of religious to build a facility in New Orleans called "Our Lady of Wisdom."  It serves as a traditional nursing home and as a place for friars to get temporary intensive care.  It's nothing like the nursing homes we imagine--sterile hospital smell, bright surgical lighting, etc.  OLW is very homey--lots of plants, warm colors, wood, etc.  It's organized into "neighbors" based on the intensity of care the residents need.  There's a large chapel, library, and outdoor space for walks. 

Thanks for the question.  Please pray for the brothers and sisters at Our Lady of Wisdom!

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