02 January 2016

Coffee Cup Browsing (Sat)

Nutty Feminist comes to her senses. . .rejoins reality. 

Another friar and I are going to see Star Wars today. . .is the movie gnostic?

Institute of Catholic Culture 

Evil has a face. . . 

Lefties hate science when it contradicts the tenets of their faith.

Hurling snakes at the enemy!

Chinese gov't repressing Christians. . .
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01 January 2016

Coffee Cup Browsing

NB. No classes until Jan 13th, so there's nothing stopping me from reviving Coffee Cup Browsing!

Media Corrections 2015: "Karol Wojtyla was referred to in Saturday’s Credo column as 'the first non-Catholic pope for 450 years'. This should, of course, have read 'non-Italian pope.'" —London Times.

Peer-reviewed survey of scientists: there is a "scientific consensus" on global warming -- it's fake.

NCR (Nasty Critical Rag) awards "Persons of the Year" to the gay couple who gave us same-sex "marriage." Do you need another reason to cancel your subscription?

It's All About MEEEEE!!! Fr. Hollywood suspended for his adolescent attention-seeking stunt during Mass.

Satanists perform adolescent attention-seeking stunt in OK. Oddly, this doesn't offend me. The BVM is bigger than their hatred.

My new favorite website. . .

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29 December 2015

Back in NOLA & Thanks

I made it back to NOLA safely!

Waiting upon me -- outside my door -- from the Wish List were several books and some paint. . .

Thanks to Matheus, Jenny K, and Shelly for your kind generosity!

One package of paint (medium magenta) didn't have a name on it, so. . .thanks to this Anon Benefactor.

Wedding on Dec 31st, Masses at Tulane Univ and OLR on Jan 3rd. . .and back to work at the seminary on Jan 12th.

God bless and Happy New Year!


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