15 April 2021

No miserly gift

2nd Week of Easter (Thurs)

Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP

St. Dominic Priory, NOLA

The Father does not ration His Spirit. He doesn't measure or portion out the gift of His Spirit. Rather than imagining the Father scooping up bits and dribbles of the Spirit and carefully dripping them on us. . .we would do better to imagine the Father wielding a Spiritual Flamethrower or a Fire Hose of the Holy Spirit! If there's a limiting factor to the Father's gift of the Spirit, it's us, the recipients of the gift. We are limited by our nature. By our desire for the Spirit. And most of all by our sin, our disobedience. If the limitless gift of the Spirit feeds our testimony, and our sin limits our receipt of the Spirit, then our testimony is limited by our sin. Christ, of course, had no such limitations. And our goal is to become Christ – perfected witnesses to the Father's freely offered mercy. We are sent as imperfect Christs into an imperfect world to be the signs and wonders, the showcases of what the Father can do when one receives His gift of the Spirit. The graced task set before us – daily, hourly – is to push against whatever it is that limits our reception of the Spirit. And show the world the Father's love.      

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