24 August 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Better Late Than Never Edition)

Frugality during a recession is for the Little People, i.e. NOT for Michelle and B.O.   Note well:  we have to get this info from a Brit newspaper.

This is what the U.K. has come to. . .according to the moonbats in the U.K., if you join a group of neighbors to help clean up the streets after a riot, you're "scum."  What's moonbattier than a moonbat?

"Tattooed gargoyles raised on antisocial entertainment, instant gratification, socialist dogma and empty materialism."  OUCH!

Italy getting her financial house in order?  I predict more riots/strikes.  Maybe I should just stay in the U.S.  Of course, I've always wanted to witness a riot first hand.

Heh.  The Dems have chosen to hold their 2012 convention in a Right to Work state, S. Carolina.  National unions are balking.  Of course, the unions have no where else to go politically, so let them whine.

Actual political violence vs. the Imaginary Violence of Lefty's Getting Their Feelings Hurt.

Earthquake rattles D.C.  Is Jesus trying to tell us something? 

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Shout out

Mama Becky told me that HancAquam has a fan working with her at the local bank and that I should say hello to her next time I am blogging. . .so, here's a HA Shout Out to:

Bubba Sue!

Is that a Mississippi name or what?  :-)   It just sounds like fried catfish and pecan pie. . .

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23 August 2011

Arrived in the U.K.

Made it to Oxford, UK!

No problems at all. . .well, a Sikh immigration officer at Heathrow grilled me rather mercilessly about my travel plans.  It was like an episode from NCIS with Gibbs ripping my travel itinerary apart.  I've flown in and out of the UK twenty times (?) since 2003 and no one in immigration has ever so much as looked twice at my passport or questioned my reasons for being in the UK.  I wonder if I got a little extra scrutiny b/c I listed "Catholic priest" as my occupation?  Hmmmm. . .paranoid?  Maybe. . .

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