15 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

B.O.'s A.B.C. Rule:  Anybody But Catholics.  B.O. won't give the bishops' a grant to fight human trafficking.  Why?  Because the bishops refuse to sacrifice a few kids to Moloch, of course.

Tea Partiers feed and clean up after themselves.  Occupy Wall St. Circus relies on food handouts and government sanitation workers.  Says a lot.

10 Things Every Catholic Ought to Know. . .and be able to explain at a moment's notice.

The de-Italianization of the Vatican's Bishop Factory.  Well, that explains why episcopal appointments have been happening so quickly lately.

Credit where credit is due:  PBS airs Fr. Robert Barron's series, Catholicism.  This will be a serious, faithful presentation of the faith.

Marxist prof a little shocked when students push back against her ridiculous claims about the Tea Party.  Watch the vid all the way to the end and hear how our Betters treat opposition.

Why are so many professional politicians rallying to the Occupy Wall St. Circus?  "Everything they believe in has failed, so they are turning nihilistic."   Once you dump the possibility of knowing objective truth, nihilism is only other option.

Meanwhile in Boston:  the Lefty Circus spits on a uniformed female Coast Guard officer and forces the cancellation of a small business food drive.  Yup, just like those Tea Party nutcases.

Ummmm. . .OK. . .uhhhhhh. . .I dunno. . .sorry, this is just wrong.

This will take three seconds to process:  one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi.  There it is!

400 uh?  I'm behind by 399. . .'nuff said. 

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