10 December 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing (Late Edition)

Exactly how long (grammatically speaking) can something "teeter on the brink," "verge on collapse," or "balance on the threshold of disaster"?  I'm gonna bet this month's stipend that the Language of Crisis is on the cusp of exhaustion.

I spend WAY too much time on the computer. . .however, my life wouldn't grind to a halt if the power went out; in fact, I'd probably get more done.

On the question of clerical facial hair. . .needless to say, I'm for it!

Coptic Christians describe to Congress their persecution in Egypt.

Some background on our Coptic brothers and sisters suffering at the hands of the Religion of Peace.

Excellent reflection on justice and the Catechism.

A bad metaphor.

Weird hats. . .there are two of these that I'd wear.  Guess which two.

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09 December 2011

The First Nawlins' Coffee Cup Browsing (with chicory!)

Methinks that the nation's Attorney General was educated at a "univeristy in the Catholic tradition."  The problem here is that once you've lied to us, you then ask us to believe that it was never your intent to lie in the first place. . .ad. nau.

The Zombies are coming!  And they're from Mars!!

And they say that the Catholic Church is sex-obsessed. . .geez.

Occupy Whiners taunt police. . .police remain professional despite it all.  Language warning.

Exactly:  Catholics should fear the sins of her members more than persecution from her enemies. 

Colorful lizard disapproves. . .strongly.

What your toilet paper says about you.

Ever have one of those days?

The Kindle Wish List has been updated. . .

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08 December 2011

A foray, nine books, & a long nap. . .

Made my first foray out into New Orleans this morning.

Where did I go?  The Cafe du Monde?  French Quarter?  St Louis Cathedral?  Nope. . .

I made a true Redneck Pilgrimage:  WalMart.  In fact, I went to two WalMarts b/c the first one was mostly a grocery store!  

Hey, Delta lost my luggage and I needed some. . .things.  'Nuff said.  Oh, the Wandering Bag arrived safe and sound about an hour ago.

There were several packages waiting for me when I got here last night.  Four books from my friend, Philip in Memphis.  Many thanks to you for your kindness!  Another book from Kathleen S. . .a book of poems I've been wanting for some time.  Thank you kindly.  And a big box of four books from St. Pius X Press!  I will be reviewing those books soon. 

Now, it's time to "catch up" on some sleep with a very Roman riposo.  I was wide awake at 3am this morning.  Ugh.  Not good.

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"First Mass" at St Dominic's New Orleans

My "first Mass" now that I am back in the U.S. will be the 10.30am Mass on Dec. 11th at St Dominic's, New Orleans.  

I will also celebrate the 5.30pm Mass at St Dominic's on the 11th.

Y'all come!

07 December 2011

Made it.

I'm here. . .more or less.

Here in New Orleans.  My luggage, however, is in San Antonio, TX.

Why, you ask?  Because the worker in Atlanta who rechecked my bag was too busy gossiping with her co-worker to notice where she was sending my stuff! 

Anyway, it will be delivered tomorrow by noon. 

Had a good flight. . .long though--11hrs. 

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06 December 2011

Kindle Fire for Christmas???

Talked to Scuba Becky (i.e., my mother) this afternoon, and she asked what I wanted for Christmas.

Having just spent five days giving away Stuff before the move back to the U.S., I said something like, "I have no idea."

Then I remembered that S.B's co-worker, Bubba Sue, suggested that I ask for a Kindle FIRE

Thoughts?  Reactions?  Do I want one of these?  Need one of these?

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Departure Deadline Update

Just got the Goldie Locks buzzed off by Fr. Rick J.  I feel 15 lbs lighter and a whole lot cooler!

The initial sweep of the room captured about three cubic meters of Dust Bunnies and related detritus.  A secondary and final sweep will turn up even more pieces of random paper, Stray Pennies, pencil parts, bits of tape, and the occasional busted rubber band.  

Still have to figure out how to sort four 33 gallon bags of garbage.  The E.U. Nannies insist we recycle. . .but their recycling categories do not include slots for Broke Down-Fruit of the Looms; pieces of Styrofoam from a clock radio that never worked right; three large plastic vacuumed sealed bags for storing clothes; a bald toilet brush; and three and a half tablespoons of an Italian laundry detergent that I never used.  Oh, and what about the 11 used tubes of toothpaste I've been stashing in a drawer b/c I couldn't figure out if they go in Plastic or Metal?

Heading out at 5.30am tomorrow morning. . .please, pray for me!

P.S.  Yes, I've put a men's cologne on my Wish List.  Before I became a Dominican, I spent WAY too much money on that sort of thing.   Now, I rarely buy cologne/aftershave.  But a faithful H.A. reader asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Rumor has it that the Guerlain Vetiver is a classic men's cologne. 

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05 December 2011

Packing, cleaning, etc. . .

Progress being made. . .

Shipped nine boxes of books, etc. to Nawlins' yesterday.

Today, I am packing up everything that's going in my luggage.

Also, Big Time Cleaning, i.e. fighting with the Dust Bunnies.

Two things about Rome I will NOT miss:  1) the bugs and 2) the dust.  

Bugs.  I've spent many nights here trying to stay away from gnats, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and spiders.  There's nothing quite like being awakened at 3am by the hungry buzzing of a Tiger Mosquito in your ear! 

Dust.  Since the priory doesn't have A/C, the windows have to stay open.  This means metric tons of dust flowing through the building and settling on my stuff.  I've learned to cover vulnerable electronics, but the CPAP machine I use can't be covered. . .which means I probably have the dust-weight equivalent of a small pagan temple resting in my lungs.  

Ah well. . .siamo in Italia!

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