26 December 2014

Want vocations. . .???

Want vocations to your diocese/Order/congregation/province?

1). Ditch the 80's psycho-therapeutic Feel-Good Lefty Social Justice Feminist formation and embrace the Program for Priestly Formation in its entirety (i.e., not just the happy parts)

2). Restore distinctive religious/clerical garb and encourage its proper use. (NB. Habits are not just liturgical vestments!) 

3). Emphasize community life. . .REAL community life.

4). Return to the tradition when interpreting religious vows, i.e. ditch the nominalism that allows individuals to configure the vows in their own terms.

5). Stop apologizing to candidates for the distinctiveness of an Order's charism or a province's mission or a diocese's character. 

6). And accept this reality of the age: young Catholics thinking about entering religious life and/or priesthood have no/zero/zilch interest in the Baby Boomer socio-cultural assimilation paradigm of religious life/ministry. 

It's a Buyers' Market in the vocations world. . .they have thousands of options.

Here's some evidence supporting these suggestions.

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25 December 2014

Christ is born!




A Christmas homily from 2013: The Triumph of Light over Darkness

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21 December 2014

Spiritual But Not Religious

Hilarious. . .and oh-so-true!

Yes, I'm breaking my blogging fast to bring you this lovely piece of New Age nonsense b/c it is an on-point parody of the "I'm Spiritual But Not Religious" goofiness that infects so many postmodern Americans, including far too many Catholics of a Certain Generation.

H/T: Fr. Z. (of course)

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