05 June 2010

Santa Croce. . .

Unexpected discovery:  the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, a.k.a. Opus Dei U.

Helpful signs for Santa Croce students. . .

A quick guide to the local fauna.

Advertising Opus Dei style!

At the Campo

A wide selection of coral jewelry available at the Campo.

Arciconfraternita S. Maria Dell'Orazione E Morte, (Confraternity of St Mary of the Oration and the Dead)Indirizzo:

A stone etching on the outside of the church above, a place to put donations for candles for the dead.

Another etching with a slot for donations.

On to Campo de Fiori!

Fr. Benedict appears to be in a subjunctive mood for our outing.

The Largo Argentina. . .part of the ruins of Pompey's grand theater and market complex. 

Foundation of one of the temples in the Largo Argentina ruins. 

Church of St Barbara. . .this is supposed to be the site where the Senators murdered Julius Caesar on the steps of Pompey's new Senate House.

Market day at the Campo de Fiori.  This is where you wanna be if you like to cook with fresh ingredients.

The campo's notorious ex-Dominican friar and heretic, Giordano Bruno.

04 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Israelis are damned by the Left. . .no matter what they do.  So, they should ignore the predictable whining and moral equivocating and protect themselves. 

Why is planning for the pope's trip to the U.K. in Sept in such a mess?  Could it be that the "Spirit of Vatican Two Peace Bong Hipsters" the bishops' conference has running the show would rather the Ole Geezer just stay in Rome?

Oops. . .Elena Kagan's paper trail is exposing her to be anything but the Judicial Blank Slate B.O. is presenting her to be. 

Is it legal to videotape police officers while they are doing their job?  Yes, it is.  Just don't let your film making interfere with an arrest.  I think good cops would welcome the scrutiny b/c it helps them keep their depts. clean.

Climate Science's Bad Rep". . .climate science is facing reputational meltdown similar to the Roman Catholic church's over allegations of child abuse and the British parliament's following the scandal over MPs' expenses."  Sorry.  Not buying the comparisons.  First, Catholics have always freely confessed that we are limited beings constantly struggling with sin and failure.  Second,  everyone expects politicians to be money-grubbing ego-maniacs.  However, Global Warming Cultists have been anything but humble in their preaching and unexpectedly greedy for tax dollars. 

More Legal Firearms = Less Violent Crime. . .so says the FBI

Unpacking and debunking some of the persistent myths dramatized in the new film, Agora.   I've seen the movie and it is exactly what we've come to expect from contemporary pagan portrayals of Christians in history.  Christians are anti-intellectual, anti-art/music, anti-science, anti-female, blahblahblah. 

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More Turista pics (links added)

Duh?  I think you know this one.

Constantin's Arch right next to the Coliseum.

The Capitoline Museums

Church & State: The V.E.M. and Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli

Il Turista (links added)

I played tourist today. . .here are just a few of the pics I took:

Down the Salita del Grillo toward the via Cavour.  The wall on the right is one of the walls of Trajan's Market.

Vespasian's Forum of Peace.  They still use the inside of this structure for concerts.  To the right of this structure is the Basilica of Cosmas and Damian.

Guess. . .?

Part of the Old Roman Forum

Statue at the Capitoline Museums.

Trajan's Column with St Peter on top

03 June 2010

Fishy Background

Who's that fishy in the window. . .of your laptop? One of the sample pics that came with the Window's OS.

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Yet more pics

Proof that I can clean my desk!

(NB.  This pic has been up for almost 12 hrs and I've not rec'd one appreciative comment from Scuba Becky, MightyMom, or my Lovely English Lady Friend!  What's a friar gotta do?  Mop the floor?!!)

University building for deans' offices and classrooms. 

Two Angelicum students heading off to take exams. . .

A few more pics

The Priory Chapel at the Angelicum

02 June 2010

Pics from Angelicum's Eucharistic Adoration

Inside SS. Domenico e Sisto for Adoration after the 2010 annual Eucharistic Procession.

Nuns enough for ya?  Adoration after the Procession.

(Pic credit:  Fr. Benedict Croell, OP)

More Rome pics

 The Angelicum's courtyard. . .the trees on the right are orange trees.

The Angelicum's backyard. . .which is really an orchard:  orange, lemon, apple, pear, etc.

Rome Pics

I went down to the V.E.M. this morning to watch the National Day parades. . .but it was too crowded to see anything. 

So, I snapped a few pics.

This is La Chiesa dei Santi Domenico e Sisto. . .and the entrance to the Angelicum.  I had just missed getting our resident gypsy, Maria, in the pic.

31 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

President Thin Skin:  "In Obama's eyes, he is always the aggrieved, always the violated, always the victim of some injustice."  What else could he think given that his entire career has been one long series of exceptions being made by guilty white liberals? 

Even Mother Nature is weary of his speechifying.

Alternative narratives to the "Evil Israeli Soldiers Slaughter Innocent Peace Activists" meme being pushed by the lefty media.  Some commentary on this P.R. disaster.  Predictable condemnations of Israel.

What if the euro/E.U. collapses?  What would it mean for the U.S.? 

Oops!  An inconvenient truth about the anti-illegal immigrant law in AZ. . .CA citizens support it.

Licensing journalists?  An idea that only Big Brother could love.  Watch the MSM fall all over themselves loving this idea.

A hole to the center of the Earth?  Is this the doorway through which the Apocalyptic Hordes of Zombies will shamble? 

Yea, that was my reaction too!

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30 May 2010

What's a friar to wear?

Question:  Just curious, is there any regulation regarding what Dominican friars wear under the habit? 

Answer:  Nope.  The specifics of the habit itself are spelled out in the constitution, but what we wear underneath the habit is not.  I wear shorts and a tee-shirt (even in winter) b/c of my tendency to overheat.  I've seen jeans, black dress pants, PJ's, undertunics, khakis, clerics.  Traditionally, we wear white socks and black shoes.  However, you will see friars wearing everything from sandals to cowboy boots.  By tradition, the habit is not to be decorated with pins, buttons, etc.  Dominican bishops may wear the habit with their pectoral cross over the capuce.  In Europe, you will sometimes see friars wearing the black skull cap.  Jewelry is not forbidden, but you rarely see anything too conspicuous.  Younger friars have taken to wearing a simple metal band on their left ring finger as a sign of consecration.  Earrings would be frowned on!  Before 1968, friars had to have permission to wear a beard.  Since I'm headed back to Texas in a few weeks, I may test the waters on wearing a pistol on my belt. . .   ;-)

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Rosaries for the novices

Generous benefactors have offered the purchase rosaries for our novices as simple profession gifts. . .

Can anyone suggest a good place in the U.S. to buy nice but not outrageously expensive rosaries to be worn with the OP habit, i.e., sturdy, fifteen decades?  

Is there a Dominican monastery in the U.S. that makes rosaries?  It would be a double gift if the rosaries could be purchased from our own nuns!

Mille grazie!

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