11 October 2011

Greatest American Catholic Intellectuals

The Georgian Institute at Benedictine College in KS posts a useful list:  "10 Greatest American Catholic Intellectuals."  I've added links to each for more information.

Orestes Brownson (1803–1876)

John Courtney Murray (1904-1967)

John Senior (1923-1999)
Avery Dulles (1918-2008)

James Schall (1928-)

Ralph McInerny (1929-2010)

Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009)

Mary Anne Glendon (1938-)
George Weigel (1951-)

Robert P. George (1955-)

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  1. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Chelllooooo - what about Archbishop Sheen????

  2. John Courtney Murray sticks out like a sore thumb. "Great" only in the sense of a great baleful influence on Catholic thought and on undermining Catholicism in the public square for two generations.