11 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

A postmodern version of Nero fiddling while Rome burns?  E.U. nannies ban children from blowing up balloons.  Europe is sliding into the abyss and E.U. bureaucrats are legislating who can and can't inflate a party favor.  

Lawyers who wrote memo arguing that B.O. has the authority to kill an American citizen w/o trial are the same lawyers who blasted Bush for doing the same thing. 

Hypocrisy Alert:  "Why Isn’t the Working Families Party Paying Its Employees a Living Wage?"  NB.  The WFP is one of the many lefty groups currently "occupying Wall St." 

Though not as prominent or loud as the Pelvic Dissidents, there is an increasingly worrisome rise in the number and volume of those who place Real Catholic Folk Heroes above the magisterium.

Occupy the Vatican?  Fordham "theologian" calls for protests against the Church.  I say, "Go For It!"  It's just the nail the Church needs to seal the coffin of the Professional Ecclesial Left.

“They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay."  Of course they do.  Making them pay for stuff does violence to their self-esteem.   Wards of the State don't pay.  Sheesh.

Coptic Christian martyrs in Egypt.  "Arab Spring" not such a great thing for Christ's own.

Another Episcopal parish escapes the suicidal destruction of the Anglican Communion.  Welcome!

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  1. I have just found these coffee bowl browsings and I love them!!!!

    I have set up a new blog. Not as good as this one the Father.


    In God's Love


  2. To be precise, they are placing the folk heroes over the hierarchy of the Church, not her magisterium. The fights he is talking about is not doctrinal. Based on the track record of many bishops in the US, I can understand the distrust from the flock.

  3. The "Occupy the Vatican" post repeats a pattern I'm becoming increasingly aware of.

    Roughly speaking, it's this: take a well-defined term, change the definition, and insist that the value of the new thing called by the term is identical to the value of the old thing.

    In this case, the term is "the Church." Similar things have been done to, for example, "marriage" and "health care."

  4. GirlCanChant8:56 PM

    You might be Catholic if....

    Your first thought when reading "Server down" was "Knocked out by thurible?"