01 October 2011

A Lovely Mistake. . .

Made it to Rome!

Good trip. . .I made a mistake on my seat selection when I checked in on-line Friday afternoon.  Got to Heathrow this morning and saw that I was seating in the middle way up front.  No, no, no.  Ample Friars are not made to sit in the middle.  So, I told the nice lady at the counter that I had obviously made a mistake and could she help me fix it.  (I may have shed a small tear. . .actually, it was sweat but I sniffed a few times and she bought it. . .).  Anyway, she told me to present myself at the gate counter to see what they had available.  AND!  AND!  She didn't charge me for my ridiculously oversized bag o'books/clothes/etc.  When I got to the gate counter, another nice lady told me that the first nice lady had reassigned me to business class!  And not only did I get business class, but I got all three seats on my row. . .and since we were on a British Air jet, we were served Afternoon Tea.  As the Brits says, "Lovely."

And just in case I didn't get the message that God loves me best. . .I was met at the gate of the Angelicum by a young friar named Juan Carlos who insisted on hauling that 80lbs. bag of books/clothes/etc. up the stairs of the university.  

Now, if only someone would bring me a scone and some tea. . .

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Volo a Roma!

Headed to London this morning to catch a plane back to Rome.

License exams take place next Friday (8th) and Saturday (9th).  Please keep all the students in prayer.

God bless, Fr. Philip

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Coffee Cup Browsing

10 Things Catholics Should Know about the New Mass Translation. . .we've been using the new translation for about month here in the U.K.  No exploding heads, no pew riots, no increase in domestic violence, no cats and dogs sleeping together. . . IOW, none of the disasters predicted by the dino-left.

(NB.  One criticism of the new setting for the Gloria. . .it's almost unsingable. Every time we've tried it here, it's pretty much been a disaster.)

The probability of you existing is about as close to zero as you get!

Reason #6,589,362 to dissolve the U.N. and use that ugly building in NYC as storage.

The South will rise again!  "Americans, black and white alike, are moving in record numbers to a part of the country where taxes are low, unions are irrelevant, and people love their guns and their faith."

Christian pastor condemned to die in Iran b/c he refuses to recant his faith.  (NB.  The B.O. White House has denounced the sentence.  Score one for B.O.!)

P.C. multi-cultism ain't the future:  "Vigilant Americans must restore the founders’ vision before multiculturalism forever eclipses our last vestiges of liberty."
Speaking of P.C. multi-cultism:  more evidence that our universities have become "nurseries of nonsense." 
Very interesting. . .though I don't plan on getting arrested anytime soon, if I do I'll remember to keep my big mouth shut.

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28 September 2011

Belated D/L's and Grazie's. . .(UPDATED)

Speaking of the Kindle Wish List. . .mille grazie to Glenn S. and "HomeBirth Mom" for their contributions to my Kindle collection. . .

Kindle Wish List motto:  Books To Keep Me Sane While Doing Philosophy.  


P.S.  Per Lynn's suggestion from the combox:  all but one of the books on the Kindle Wish List are under $3.50.  

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Coffee Cup Browsing

Historic levels of distrust in the gov't among Americans. . .well, given what a gigantic screw-up the gov't is, we'd be foolish to trust it, right?

Dem governor suggests that we suspend Congressional elections. . .

Excellent piece on the difference btw The Documents of Vatican Two and the often sneering, dismissive commentary of Pro Progs who commune with the "spirit" of Vatican Two.  

Science proves driving gender stereotypes to be true; i.e. Women Really Are Bad Drivers.  (ducks/runs).

Time to abolish the DHS?  Hmmm. . .abolish another way for our politicians to dole out our money to keep themselves in office. . .doling out our money???  Nawwwww. 

Cartoon insights into the question:  why do Catholics who hate the RCC stay in the RCC?

P.S.  Since the response to my last Kindle Wish List Update was so good. . .thought I'd try it again.  :-)  <-- cheesy grin. . .

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27 September 2011

License Update. . .

License News. . .

The 20 page "themes schema" is done and sent.  The T.S. is a collection of 2 page outlines/biblio of 10 themes assigned according to your section (anthropology, history, Aquinas).  The hard part of me was keeping the outlines/biblio to just 2 pages each.

Also, got the Lost Thesis recopied, rebound, and shipped to Rome.  Only cost me $80!   Still wondering why my lost thesis is my problem given that I didn't lose it. . .

Speaking of Rome. . .my flight back to the Eternal City leaves Saturday.  License exams, etc. take place Sat., Oct 7th.  Keep us in prayer, please. 

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