05 September 2009

The Return of Coffee Cup Browsing!

Having completed the Rite of Decaffeinated Exorcism, we now return to the holy pursuit of Coffee Cup Browsing!

Changes in the Roman Missal. . .most look fine to me. (thanks br. George!)

Nauseating: "I pledge to be a servant to our President!"

Fortunately, folks are waking up to what most of us have known all along: B.O. is just another politician.

Playing for keeps among the U.S. bishops; Bishop Martino "resigns"(?)

Gaia worship in a Catholic elementary school

Just after the "reform of the reform," this is our Holy Father's most important initiative

"Reform of the reform" thwarts liturgical protests at Mass

Catholics, community organizing, and playing with the Devil

Pro-wrestling + wildlife conservation = Pandemonium!

I'm going to show Mama Becky these pics next time she tells me I'm messy

A huge list of common misconceptions about just about everything

Scriptural evidence for the Catholic faith

Your one-stop spot for all things about St Catherine of Siena

Hilarious accident reports

What does your name mean in "Monster-ese"?

04 September 2009

Books have arrived

Just got back from checking the mail at the New Priory. . .

Four books have arrived:

The Nature of Mind (Rosenthal): no invoice

The Scientific Image (van Fraassen): no invoice

The Many Faces of Realism (Putman): from one of my American Angels!

Scientific Representation (van Fraassen): from my English Angel!

These three books were ordered a long while ago, but I've not rec'd them yet:

The Two Wings of Catholic Thought: Essays on Fides Et Ratio (Foster)

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith (Barr)

Elementary Christian Metaphysics (Owens)

Could be they were sent to Rome. . .

Of squirrels, bees, and coffee

Had a great time with my family in Mississippi. . .

The Reading Squirrels made sure I kept my nose in a book the whole time. . .well, I sneaked out a couple of times for a movie and one visit to a really good Chinese buffet. . .

I cooked a few times--fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, purple-hull peas, cornbread. The ice cream industry in north MS will never be the same after my visit. . .

The nieces are growing up. Sigh. I remember when they were just big enough to play with but not big enough to think they know everything. Ha!

Several of my mom's Protestant co-workers bought copies of my prayer book. We had a signing at the bank. Needless to say, my Dominican habit caused quite a stir among the Baptists and Pentecostals!

Dad's bees thriving. I went with him to a bigger honey-producing operation in TN. I was amazed to learn that it takes eight bees a lifetime to produce one teaspoon of honey. The beekeeper we visited has about 500 hives. I realized right quick that I was not destined to be a beekeeper. . .you have to keep the honey-collection house very warm so the honey doesn't become too thick to strain. As I reminded my dad a few times, "These hands were made for chalices not calluses." Believe me: that got an eye-roll.

Now, I am in Houston for the next month. What to do? Well, there are a number of books sitting around waiting for my attention. The second volume of Treasures needs to be edited and bulked up a bit. There's the third book to start. I might have a preaching gig or two. Mostly, I will be pecking away on the thesis and biding my time until time to return to Rome.

Oh! When I have finished the de-caffeinated exorcism of the Old Priory I will start up Coffee Cup Browsing again. . .no browsing unless I am vibrating at the proper frequency.

Thanks again for the books, the prayers, the good wishes. Keep Mama Becky in your prayers. We're waiting for her colonoscopy results. All will be well, no doubt.

God bless, Fr. Philip, OP

P.S. I will have time to answer questions. . .send them on!

P.P.S. I've updated the WISH LIST. I haven't checked recent arrivals just yet. Thank You notes will go out ASAP!

03 September 2009

Made it to Houston!

Made it to Houston about an hour ago. . .

I will post in the morning on my Mississippi adventure.

Thanks for all the prayers for fun and safety.

Thanks for the Browsing and Buying on the Wish List!

There are about 50 comments waiting in my in-box to be moderated. I'll post them in the morning.

I'm spending the next month in the Old Priory at Holy Rosary. The place is more or less abandoned since the New Priory went up in 2005. It felt kinda creepy when I walked in. I soon discovered why. . .the Prior told me that there is no coffee in this building!!!

I shall perform a formal Rite of Decaffeinated Coffee Exorcism first thing, including the Rite of the Sprinkling of Holy Coffee Beans around the property line.

Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis.