06 August 2010

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SHOCKING! (Not)  Openly gay federal judge discovers previously unknown constitutional right for same-sex "marriage."  Who knew?  Of course, this is a piece of social engineering disguised as a judicial ruling

One legal analysis of the opinion.  The judge's ruling opens the floodgates. . .there are to be no unreasonable limits on who can be married:  siblings, multi-partners, etc.  The slick move here is to define "reasonable" strictly in terms of an evolving social ethic and a radical notion of individuality w/o reference to the importance of traditional marriage to fabric of a healthy social order.

The MSM meme/spin on the victory of MO's anti-ObamaCare referendum:  Republican voters put the measure over the top.  No.  There aren't enough GOP voters in MO to reach the 79% approval the measure received. . .meaning, that Dems and Independents voted against B.O. in droves.

Uber-atheist Bad Boy, Christopher Hitchens is suffering from cancer.  He notes that people are praying for him. . .please add your voice to theirs!

Whiny priests grouse about the new Missal translation.  Remember:  Joe and Sue Catholic are too stupid to get all that flowery religiousy language.

The MSM:  more trusted than pedophiles and serial killers. . .but just barely.

On not fitting the narrative:  Black Tea Partiers

Bewares the Monkies. . .they's devious.

Yes, please. . .I'll need one of these filled with holy water when I become a vampire-fighting priest! My orders from the Vatican are coming any day now. . .annnnyyy day now.

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05 August 2010


A few updates and an explanation. . . 

A.W.O.L.?  No.  Just trying to get stuff done before the U.K. trip next week.  Mea culpa!  I'm back.

Great summer classes. . .despite problems with getting the books ordered for class, the heat, the afternoon funk of the Morning Person Professor, etc. . .both my classes this summer have been excellent.  Good students make all the difference!  (NB.  to my students who may read this:  yes, you still have to take the exam. . .)

Hist/Phil of Science at U.D. . .a couple of U.D. profs are working on a concentration option for students here, an inter-disciplinary set of courses that bring the sciences and humanities together.   The university will need help funding this new program, so let me know if you can help.  They'll need money for guest lecturers, conferences, etc.  Giving Catholic college students a generous dose of non-atheistic scientific history and philosophy of science is crucial in today's increasingly secularize academy.

New U.D. chaplain. . .After a very brief absence (just barely two years), the O.P.'s have reclaimed the chaplain's chair at U.D.  Fr. Rudy Garcia has taken on full-time vocations work for the diocese and Fr. Don Dvorak, OP has replaced him as U.D.'s chaplain.  Fr. Dvorak is also the prior of St Albert the Great Priory here in Irving and most recently the pastor of St Dominic's Parish in NOLA.

Please gear up your prayer list and keep the Order of Preachers at the top. . .the General Elective Chapter will be meeting in Rome in September.  The electors will choose a new Master of the Order for a nine year term.  The Order is seeing tremendous growth in parts of the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.  The new Master will have his hands full. . .and Dominicans are always a hand full.

Great new Wish List feature. . .a while back I experimented with a Book Depository Wish List.  B.D. has free delivery worldwide.  Since shipping costs to Rome run around $14, this is a great sales pitch for HancAquam book benefactors.  However, I could never get the list to work correctly.  Now, Amazon offers the Universal Wish List, which allows users to put anything available on the web on their Amazon Wish List.  So, I put a few B.D. books on my Wish List!  B.D. doesn't sell used books, however, the free shipping to Rome can easily defray the cost of a new book vs. a used one.  Check thee it out.

Being back in the U.S. is always an adventure. . .my thanks to all the folks here in Irving who have made me feel welcomed!  The lunches, dinners, retreats, invited talks, etc. have reminded me why I love being a priest and a Dominican.  I'll be back in the U.S. over Christmas, but my visit will be limited to Mississippi and the family.  However, if I fail the French exam again I may find myself back in TX on a more permanent basis. 

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Venn Diagramming a College Website

So True!

Why do university websites make it so difficult to find info about a particular department?  I get requests from parents/students to review a university's Catholic-Worthiness and find myself spending twenty minutes trying to find out who's on the theology faculty.  Also, I need to write a post on how to translate Catholic university PR-speak into English. . .

Source:  Althouse

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03 August 2010

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What can't the federal government do?  Why, there's nothing it can't do!

Dress it up in all the PostMod litcrit mumbo-jumbo you like, it's still plagiarism

VA lawsuit against ObamaCare is cleared to proceed to trial. 

About ten years ago I went to see a doctor about my persistently crampy and sore right elbow.  During the initial examination he asked what I did for a living.  I piped up, "I'm a Dominican friar."  He looked at me for about three seconds and wrote on the top of my chart:  "SEDENTARY."  I don't think that was a geological observation.

On why the Left needs racism. . .whether it's real or not. 

Illegal immigrant who was released twice by the feds gets drunk and kills a nun.  Typical?  No.  But look for this guy to become the face of the anti-illegal immigrant movement. 

Government-run healthcare kills a 25 year old woman in the U.K.  Left to die from an infection, the woman sends pics of herself to family and friends as she dies.

Why haven't we heard much from the MSM about that solider who is accused of leaking thousands of pages of military secrets to Wikileaks? The answer won't surprise you.

Is your pastor burning out?  Blame lack of time off and his cell phone!  Even Jesus got in a boat and spend some time away from the crowds.  No one--and I mean NO one--needs to be on-call 24/7.

While at home with the family I took my nieces out to lunch.  The second we plopped down in our seats, the older niece whips out her cell phone, ignoring me and her sister, and starts texting her friends.  So, I asked her if I could see her phone.  She handed it to me, and I put it in my pocket.  Needless to say, she was a bit peeved at me.  I'm happy to report that she survived the trauma.

Why guys are cool. . .#13 is the best.

The dinosaurs' extinction:  fashion faux-pas.

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01 August 2010

The Temp Challenge

Here's why I am more than ready to get to Blackfriars, Oxford. . .

High today in Oxford, UK:  71

High today in Irving, TX:  107

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"The Hilarious Arizona Ruling". . .an evisceration.

More than meets the racist eye?  There may be a lot to Sherrod's firing from the FDA than a NAACP speech.

I once shocked a group of proper English Dominicans by telling them that I'd shoot an intruder in my home.  This woman chose the better way

Only in Lefty World is bullfighting a social evil while abortion is a protected right.  

Looks like Prince Charles may be King Charles, eco-fascist/Messiah in the making.

B.O. to Democrat Rangel:  time to go "with dignity."  Um, a little late for that.

On the 11 Minute Mass. . .

Rash of rabbit muggings ends in confrontation

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