16 July 2022

Coffee Cup Browsing: July 16, 2022

Luxury beliefs as marks of cultural capital. . .fascinating.

What does Progress want? The answer is Satantic.

Mass shootings: it's not about the guns. . .

I'm a Legal Fanboy: recent appeals court decisions.

The history, practice, and triumph of Wokeism.

I haven't watched network news (of any flavor) since 2005 or so. It's a liturgical event in religious houses with Boomers in residence.

A little late on this one: St. Kateri

Woke politicians ruined Starbucks in six cities. . .couldn't happen to a better business.

Lots of protesting going on. . .not much reporting though. 

Waiting for ALL the coffee to kick in. . .

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15 July 2022

Coffee Cup Browsing: July 15, 2022

Politician who supports protesting SC Justices at home and in public, freaks out when she gets protested in public. 

Teachers to Dems: please follow us down the CRT rabbit hole.

God bless these brave nuns!

Strange New World. . .you should be reading this. 

COVID vax doesn't prevent infection. Why is it called a vax then?

The toddler equivalent of genuflecting at the movie theater. . .

I was fascinated with these vids back in the day. . .

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14 July 2022

Coffee Cup Browsing

I started this blog in 2005 to post my homilies. In 2009, I started Coffee Cup Browsing -- by far the most popular type of post on the blog. I stopped in 2012 b/c I was working full-time at Notre Dame Seminary. Well, I'm unemployed. . .so, here it is again!

Sri Lanka is the Green Revolution's future

No, fossil fuels do not contribute to "climate change." 

Black community leaders condemn racist attacks on Justice Thomas.

The DIE ideology has infected corporate America. 

Paulist Fathers booted from OH Newman Center. 

Will the Pontifical Academy for Life betray Humanae Viatae?

The "clicking language" of Africa. Fascinating.

Some clarity after the Dobbs decision.

I watched it in slow-motion and still can't figure out how he does it!

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