15 January 2011

Made it. . .

I've arrived safely in Ponchatula.  Not yet unpacked.  Ugh.  

Delta Airlines has been entered on my list of Never Fly With Them Again list.  Charged me $90 for an overweight bag.  Moved ten lbs of stuff to my carry-on to avoid paying $190!  Question:  what difference does it make if that ten pounds goes in the cargo hold or above my seat?  I've been flying since I was twelve and no one has ever charged me for checking a bag!

Anyway. . .HancAquam will be revving back up in the morning.  Off to bed.

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MPH to ATL to NOLA to Ponchatula!

I am off this morning to Atlanta and then New Orleans. . .and then Ponchatula, LA!

Pray for the safety of our flights, please.

God bless, Fr. Philip

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