12 October 2011

Lefty Hypocrisy or Suicidal Tendencies?

Limo Liberals who support the Occupy Wall St Circus:

#1 Yoko Ono Net Worth - $500 million.

#2 Russell Simmons Net Worth - $325 million

#3 Roseanne Barr Net Worth - $80 million*

#4 Deepak Chopra Net Worth - $80 million

#5 Kanye West Net Worth - $70 million

#6 Alec Baldwin Net Worth - $65 million

#7 Susan Sarandon Net Worth - $50 million

#8 Michael Moore Net Worth - $50 million

#9 Tim Robbins Net Worth - $50 million

#10 Nancy Pelosi Net Worth - $35.5 million

* The linked article notes that Barr publicly called for the execution of all those worth more than $100 million.  Now we know why she set the beheading limit where she did.

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  1. The only antecedents I know of for the Hugely Wealthy Lefties are the aristocrats of pre-1789 France who enjoyed hosting the philosophes in their chic salons...until, of course, the revolution they inspired started chopping off their wigged heads.

    Not that I would ever wish such an odious end for the paragons of human virtue you list here, Father...

  2. If I understand the movement correctly, these guys ought to be volunteering to write $50+ million checks to the government, yes?