08 October 2011

Editing as propaganda

Under the title, "Cops beating people up at occupy wall street," the blog masters of the protesters' site posts an interesting video:

What you don't see in the video above is what happened about few seconds before the cops start waling on people. Here's the unedited video:

Can you tell the difference?

Just in case: in the top vid we see Evil Corporate Stooges assaulting poor peace-loving citizens. In the unedited video we see these same peace-loving citizens counting down and then rushing the police en masse.

Wonder why the OccupyWallStreet folks edited out that part? Hmmmmm. . .

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  1. I am not surprised at all but for some reason my blood still boils. This is probably the only place where we'll be able to see the countdown (maybe MSNBC will use CGA to add blood to the angelic protesters).

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    It is shocking, Father, that you do not have the appropriate Social Justice and Peace sensibilities when it comes to oppressed mob...I mean, groups. Shocking.