22 September 2011

Prayers, please: thesis missing

The Devil is after me again. . .

I've been working feverishly this week to put the final touches on the last piece of the license process:  the Theme Outlines, i.e., 10 themes from the history of philosophy outlined in two pages each with a short bibliography.  Sounds easy!  Just two pages!  Easy-cheesy.  Yea.  Try stuffing the history of the ontological argument for the existence of God--all 12 versions--and all the criticisms of each version into two pages.  Fun, fun. . .

Anyway. . .while I am busy cruising the history of philosophy and outlining stuff, I learn from the dean of my department in Rome that the secretary's office of the university has lost all three copies of my license thesis.  Way back in June of 2010, I asked one of the brothers to hand the thing in for me b/c I needed to catch a plane and the university office was closed when I went to hand it in. 

Now, it's lost.  So. . .send those prayers to St Anthony for me!!!

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Coffee Cup Browsing

Brit Lefties won't understand the Tea Party.  Yup.  I can attest to that fact from personal experience.  

With the predictability of a Swiss clock:  anti-Don't Ask Don't Tell group agitates for expanded "rights" after winning the repeal of DADT.  

Another reason to dissolve the U.N.:  ". . .the fate of the peace process and of American influence in the Middle East fell to Gabon, Nigeria, and Bosnia, the way any smart, sane international assembly would want it."

$16 million for muffins?  "I know you’re angry, but don’t forget that DOJ made some extra cash this year selling AK-47s to Mexican drug cartels. Those muffins are paid for, dude."

Ironically, it's the Diversity Industry in the universities--allegedly devoted to including the disadvantaged--that's pricing the poorest out of a college education.

FBI analyst:  Islam is the problem not individual terrorist groups who happen to be Muslim.  I don't know enough about Islam to know if he's right about this.  His assertion strikes me as overly broad.

Catholic Charities in IL would lose half its funding b/c of the state law allowing same-sex couples to adopt kids.  More evidence that SSM is all about hurting the Church.

Fr. Robert Barron on the supernatural elements in Catholicsm. . .part of his new PBS series on the faith.  PBS?  Yes, PBS.  Hmmmmmm. . .

Foreign aid, the U.N., and a $16,000 a night hotel suite for the Prez of Rwanda.  NB.  which country at the U.N. has the best record for paying NYC parking fines?

When pigs fly. . .

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21 September 2011

FR. Lew!

Br. Lawrence Lew, OP is now FR. Lawrence Lew!
He was ordained priest on Sept 17, 2011 at Blackfriars, Oxford by Archbishop Joseph Tobin, C.Ss.R.
The two friars next to the bishop were ordained deacons that day as well:  
Rev. Br. Haavar Nilsen, OP and Rev. Br. Robert Verrill, OP

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19 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus admits that they'd be protesting the W.H. if B.O. weren't President.   Does make them racists?

Anti-capitalist Day of Rage was a massive fail.  Of course it was.  For all its problems, capitalism is still the best way to raise folks out of poverty and Americans know it.

Speaking of Massive Fails:  "green jobs."

Hollywood hates Mississippi.  I wrote a research paper in seminary showing that the largest number of Klansmen in the 1920's lived in NY and OH. 

Nanny State punishes couple for holding a Bible study in their home.  Yes, folks, you need a permit from Nanny to study the Bible at home.

From Canada:  ". . .the press gave the great American republic an untried, unknown and. . .incompetent figure as President."  And their professional standing has suffered thus.

Radical lefty group tries to charge the Holy Father with "crimes against humanity" in the International Criminal Court.  Yet another reason to dismantle these Globalist institutions.

No comment.  (Hey, you gonna eat those peanuts?)

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18 September 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

UnGoodThink in the U.K.  30,000 kids a year labeled "racist" and "homophobic."  I say tattoo the little snots so we'll all feel safer. . .oh, and let's make sure that their kids get tattooed as well. . .ya never know, UnGoodThink could be genetic.

Latest Stab to the Heart of Anglicanism:  canon of Church of Ireland cathedral enters civil union with his boyfriend.

Cabbies in NYC have the right to refuse racy ads. . .Good.  Would they have won this right had they been Christian? 

The federal gov't has a higher standard for what counts as a Catholic university than the bishops do!

Must remember this. . .might need it one day.

Local police conduct a physics experiment.  Result?  Two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. . .even with the sirens going.

Hey!  Don't toss that fan. . .I can use it.

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