14 February 2017

New paintings

A new bunch of paintings. . .all 18x24, acrylic, canvas board

 The Spirit scrutinizes everything

 Immense is His wisdom

 He stationed the Cherubim

 The Serpent tricked me

 All they had done and taught

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12 February 2017

Coffee Cup Browsing (Sunday Edition)

Sentimental Catholicism. . .we are most like God in that we are rational not that we experience emotions.

Letting East and West enrich one another liturgically. . .not sure about all those vestments. . .got to be hot under there!

Good book for Lent: Literary Converts. . .read this for my ordination retreat back in 2005.

Some moral considerations on The Wall. . .not a good idea from a CST perspective.

Combating the nonsense of relativism. . .

Fr. Z.'s suggestions for Lenten reading. . .

DOJ drops B.O.'s transgender policies. . .good. Now, we need a charitable approach to helping these people.

This is a dead question that -- like a bad movie zombie -- keeps getting dug up.


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