12 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Occupy Movement:  this is what happens when you have a society made up entirely of "liberals"?  No, not so sure about that.  Most of the E.U. is quite liberal and it manages to remain more or less civilized.  The OWS movement is what happens when you have a society made up entirely of Wards of that State and Nanny can no longer afford to take care of them.

Case in point (see above).  Bonus:  an updated Occupy rap sheet.  200 incidents and counting.

Catholic Social Services of Southern Illinois splits with the Diocese of Belleville over same-sex "marriage."  Another anti-Catholic notch in B.O.'s belt.

Speaking of B.O.'s anti-Catholic tendencies:  "The America emerging in the next several decades is likely to be much less friendly to Christian faith than anything in our country’s past. And that poses a challenge for all of us as Catholics. It’s not a question of when or if it might happen. It’s happening today."

You can't wear a U.S. flag tee-shirt if someone might be offended.  The sounds like my CPE in St Louis.  My habit offended the chaplains, yet the rainbow flag buttons and pink triangles of the Franciscan priest and UCC chaplain were just fine. 

"Working Man" Michael Moore's million dollar vacation home. . .but remember:  he's not in the 1%.

Probably the best commentary on the Penn State sex-scandal.  Must one child be raped so a football team can be successful?  Ouch.

Of course they were going to riot!  On the Penn State student-rioters:  "Imbued with a sense of victimhood, entitlement, and cultivated grievance that can only be taught, their preferred response to inconvenience is a temper tantrum."

A MUST read:  What's So Great About Catholicism?  "With Pascal I would affirm that one actually learns the Catholic faith by doing — which is why deracinated, prissy, critical philosophes standing outside will never 'get it.' The faith of the Catholic is a great drama unfolding before God, and we are the players in it." 

Vicious bear attack. . .the poor guy barely survives.

The Zombie Apocalypse comes to Sesame Street! 

How to get the police to respond to a burglary. . .call 911 and tell them you have exercised your 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

First World Problems. . .someone send this list to OWS. 

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  1. Actually, wearing an American flag on an article of clothing is not allowed by the Flag Code if people care about that any more. A representation of a the flag is considered to be itself a flag. Kind of like some of those church-y type rules we have.

  2. Re A society made up entirely of liberals and your charitable excuse for Europe. IMHO, "Occupy" spaces are societies created from the ground up only and entirely by liberals with no non-liberal pushback or participation (prescinding of course from the corporations who produced the tents and the cellphones and the food they eat and their clothes...). Europe is a liberal alteration of a massively non-liberal past, which may account for the (current and perhaps temporary) differences. I am not so charitable as you :)

  3. US, I take "liberal" to be something more akin to the Classical Liberal. OWS are just vulgar, entitled cultural Marxists.