13 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

What do typewriters, rotary phones, record changers, and coffee percolators have in common?

GOP Rep. caught doing a little insider-trading?  

How did Hitler lose WWII?  Remember the children's rhyme:  bean, beans the magical fruit. . .?

Obedience cures stupidity.  ("Obedience" properly understood, of course.)

Biblical proof that Zombies are real!

Portland Occupiers abandon their righteous cause in order to save their $400 tents.  Ah, dedication.

Anti-American propaganda posters from N. Korea.  Hmmm. . .maybe the OWS Whiners could use some of these.

Notice how "The REV. Dr. Martin Luther King" has lost the "Rev."?

A morphing map of the London Underground.  And yes, the modern map does distort one's
understanding of London's geography.

What's inside Fort Knox and how is it protected?

How do rednecks protect their Nascar commemorative beer can collections?

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