07 November 2011

Right items, wrong List

A sharp-eyed HancAquam noticed something odd about the Wish List yesterday.

Perched atop the List were links to Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men and another for C.K.'s Obsession Night

Eagle-Eye Reader wanted to know if I really wanted TWO bottles of C.K. cologne!  It took me a while to figure out what this guy was getting at. . .then I went to the List and. . .duh. . .there they were.

Anyway, no. . .I do not want two bottles of C.K.'s cologne.  I have a separate Christmas wish list where I put items I'm thinking of getting for members of my family.  Apparently, while signed in to the regular List, added the right items to the wrong list!

A Good and Faithful Reader did point out though that Amazon sells The Pope's Cologne.  So, I added it to the Wish List

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  1. AutoAromaticus10:14 AM

    IMHO there is something inherently creepy about a man buying scent so he can smell like another man, whether he's Pio Nono, Kanye West or any other guy famous enough to have a cologne named after him.

  2. HA. Well, when you put it like that it is kinda creepy.

  3. Promise him anything but give him, er, Oh that's right, he's a priest, that's a little different... (if you are old enough to remember the old Arpege commercial).