10 November 2011

Happy 6th Birthday!

Almost let this day slip by w/o noting. . .Happy 6th Anniversary to HancAquam!

Six years ago today I started this blog in order to post copies of my homilies.  

When asked for a copy of a homily I would either email it or burn it to a CD.  My intrepid intern at the time, Ms Loreena Garcia, said to me, "Fr. Philip, join the 21st century and get a blog."  

So, I did. 

You might be interested in a few H.A. stats:

Unique visitors:  618, 751 
Visitors per day:  400
Page views:  917,759
Views per day:  675
No. of posts:  2, 168

My thanks to all of H.A.'s faithful readers.  I pray for you daily!

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  1. Congrats...

    ...and prayers welcomed.

  2. I just googled myself, as your intrepid intern, and this was one of the posts! Thanks for the shout out! lol! ~Loreena