11 November 2011

No, that "justice/peace" note hasn't been disowned. . .

OY!  I'm getting dizzy.

Apparently, the behind closed doors of the Back and Forth of producing the Church's teaching is being made public.  

Now we're told that the Holy Father's Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone has not all but repudiated the recently published note from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

From CNS:  "Cardinal Bertone’s order, they said, simply stipulated that any documents bearing the pope’s signature must be released through his office. The Justice and Peace document did not fall into that category, even though its content was reviewed by the Secretariat."

This leaves the impression that there's something of an ideological struggle going on in the Vatican.  None of this Back and Forth, however, changes the magisterial status of the note.  It's a proposal from a pontifical council issued without the Holy Father's signature.  In other words, it's not binding on Catholics as a matter of faith.  

Read it, discuss it, criticize it, adopt it or reject it. 

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