10 November 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

O, if only women and married men could be college football coaches!  This would've never happened!

Mind control?  A cancer ray?  Wake-up call for the Zombie Apocalypse?  FEMA coup?

Looks like I am getting out of Italy just in time:  Italian economy is finished.  Oh, and so is Berlusconi.

Cops wearing cameras?  Watching the heavily edited vids posted on Youtube by the OWS whiners makes me think that the cops have to start wearing cameras. 

Our P.C. Masters stand around dithering while the loons in Iran build a nuclear bomb.  Somehow, this will all turn out to be Bush's fault.

[Item deleted]

More OWS hypocrisy:  after smashing up a Wells-Fargo bank in Oakland, the Whiners deposit $20,000 in donations.  Sounds like the OWS needs an OWS protest movement.  

Hilarious. . .OWS theme song, "Who Pooped and Peed on the Banks?"  

A test to check the degree to which you have been infected by Modernism!  Being a Dominican, I got about two questions in and started quibbling with definitions, distinctions, etc.  Had to stop.

Options for surviving the apocalypse (Zombie or otherwise). . .

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  1. Sharon6:26 PM

    Re the possibly satanic cutting item: these women have not been tried in a court of law and pronounced guilty. Their names, faces or details should not have been published until the conclusion of the trial. How are these women to receive a fair trial if the media has already pronounced them guilty in order to sell papers to those with disordered appetites. The rule of law is being undermined here.

    Father, I think you should remove this item. It is quite unsuitable for our titillation.

  2. Sharon, I deleted the link. The article is pretty clear that they are charged with the crime and not yet found guilty. Also, I posted the link as a warning about the occult not as titillation. However, the info could be construed as a sideways endorsement.