02 October 2011

Prayer request

Just a quick note to say THANKS for the travel prayers and the exam prayers. . .

I realize how many HA readers keep me in their daily prayers. . .as I pray daily for y'all!

When (and if) I pass the license exams, I will be poised to start the PhD.  What happens after that is a mystery.

Please add an intention to your prayers for me:  to know what I must do and for the strength to do it.  

NB.  That sounds cryptic, I know. . .there's nothing strange or monumental going on.  Just normal stuff.  

Mille grazie and God bless. . .Fr. Philip

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  1. good luck, Fr. Philip.

  2. But in grad school normal = strange and monumental and foolish all at once. I know, I was there. I survived and you will too. You can use your diploma to line your sock drawer like I do!

  3. Bango, I already have four grad degrees lining my sock drawer. . .the question is: do I need another?

  4. You need as many as you can collect. Collect the whole set!