05 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Sorta-cranky Edition)

Heh.  Even their "revolutions" are market-tested, campaigned, and financed.  No wonder no one takes any of this leftist dribble seriously.

Their reality-challenged "demands."  It's about what you'd expect from a generation whose members were incubated as Wards of the State and graduated into the warm, comfy totalitarianism of the academic alter-verse.

A letter to the Brats in Manhattan:  "You know what [real working folks] don't worry about, ever? Smashing patriarchy and capitalism."

More on the dramatic decline in violent crime in Chicago after gun ban is ruled unconstitutional. 

Fast & Furious Lying:  Oh my, AG Holder lied to Congress about selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.  Gov't officials lying???  What's next?  Cheerleaders cheering?  Firefighters fighting fires?

Anti-Catholic Nannies in Canada fine a Catholic group for celebrating Mass.  It's the Frog in Boiler of Cold Water, folks.  Feel the water getting hotter.

Military archbishop rules out same-sex weddings at West Point's Catholic chapel.  Prediction:  some Pentagon bureaucrat is going to pull an arcane administrative rule out of his. . .ermmm. . .nose and close the chapel.

First World Problems:  a fat tax in Denmark.

Jim Jones' cult was a "social gospel" project.  The "Peoples' Temple" was actually a communist front.  Learn something new everyday. . .

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  1. One thing that I have noticed about those "take America back" protests: not a single US flag!!!