05 October 2011

A few questions. . .

Lots of questions from y'all about the No-Philosophy-Doctorate-for-Fr-Philip News.  

Most of these questions are some version of:  where will you be assigned?  Don't know yet. Suggestions?

The next is:  what happened?  Nothing happened.  After reporting in to my Provincial and Regent and asking them for some clarification on my Roman Mission, they decided to call me home.  I think they miss me.  :-)

A couple of you asked whether or not I will get to teach philosophyVery likely.  There are a number of places where this could happen.  In fact, not doing the PhD probably makes it more likely that I will end up teaching philosophy somewhere.  Ph.L.'s are cheaper to hire than Ph.D.'s.

So, you're still gonna need all those philosophy books, uh?  Yup

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  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    1. You're coming back to Dallas. (See #2)

    2. They didn't miss you, I just bribed them with pecan pies and whipped cream and bourbon. lol

  2. This site is very good.Thank you.

  3. Come back to Memphis - St. Benedict hasn't had a priest since Fr. Scott left.
    BTW attended Fr. RB's parish mission a couple weeks ago in Bartlett - wunderful!!