01 October 2011

A Lovely Mistake. . .

Made it to Rome!

Good trip. . .I made a mistake on my seat selection when I checked in on-line Friday afternoon.  Got to Heathrow this morning and saw that I was seating in the middle way up front.  No, no, no.  Ample Friars are not made to sit in the middle.  So, I told the nice lady at the counter that I had obviously made a mistake and could she help me fix it.  (I may have shed a small tear. . .actually, it was sweat but I sniffed a few times and she bought it. . .).  Anyway, she told me to present myself at the gate counter to see what they had available.  AND!  AND!  She didn't charge me for my ridiculously oversized bag o'books/clothes/etc.  When I got to the gate counter, another nice lady told me that the first nice lady had reassigned me to business class!  And not only did I get business class, but I got all three seats on my row. . .and since we were on a British Air jet, we were served Afternoon Tea.  As the Brits says, "Lovely."

And just in case I didn't get the message that God loves me best. . .I was met at the gate of the Angelicum by a young friar named Juan Carlos who insisted on hauling that 80lbs. bag of books/clothes/etc. up the stairs of the university.  

Now, if only someone would bring me a scone and some tea. . .

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  1. We'll have them waiting for you when you come back to Summit! :-)

  2. God won't tell you this, because He doesn't want to hurt your feelings.
    But I'm His real favorite.