04 October 2011

Arrivederci Roma!

I rec'd news yesterday morning that I am to finish the philosophy license and return to the U.S. for reassignment.

IOW, no philosophy Ph.D. for me. 

I wasn't expecting this bit of news at all.  There are a number of reasons for this change. . .let's just say that I am needed at home.

I am not at all unhappy about this change.  From the beginning I've been deeply ambivalent about starting another doctorate at 47 y.o. and about my ability and commitment to complete the work required.  I've been more or less a full-time student since 1982, and I am tired of taking exams, writing papers, etc. . . I know, I know:  Dominicans are always students. . .but Dominicans are not always enrolled as students in an academic institution. 

No word yet on where I will be assigned or what I will be doing.  Please pray for my provincial, Fr. Chris as he discerns our needs and how I can help meet them.

God bless, Fr. Philip

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  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Were I in my old job, I'd be asking Chris to make you head of the UH Newman Center. :-)


  2. ...and God go with you. God knows best; trust in Him.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I have five degrees myself. At some point, ya gotta stop.

  4. I know where you could go! I know where you could go! We have NO FRIARS AT ALL in my diocese. Not one. My chapter of lay Dominicans and two religious sisters are the entire Dominican presence in the whole state. You could maybe fix that, Father!

    Of course, you would have to move to the Western Province...but surely strings could be pulled.

  5. Oh, com'on! Don't tell me you go back to Texas... Three times I was in Rome since you are enrolled there and every time you were in the States, in England, or elsewhere. Don't tell me I have to fly to Dallas for a beer with you.

  6. Father, I am happy for you. To know with certainty what will be in the immediate future is a great feeling. I didn't realize you were in your 40's. I went to grad school when I was 34 (chemistry) and I had a good deal of trouble competing because I didn't have the physical stamina of the 22 year olds. I couldn't do the 70 hour weeks and got sick.

    I am sure you will end up exactly where you belong, God has a way of doing that.

  7. Fr. Shane Tharp9:59 PM

    How would you feel about Oklahoma?

  8. I hope you find the place you were meant to be. Could you send me your "Get out of Rome free| card when you go??