29 October 2011

End my suffering

Aight. . .I've let this go now for a couple of weeks b/c I'm not one of those bloggers obsessed with traffic numbers and popularity (*coughcoughwheezecough*).  But I gotta bring this up. . .

Traffic for H.A. is pretty stable, hanging in there with about 420 views a day and 918 page views.  Not bad.  It's not Fr. Z. or Mark Shea level traffic, but I'm happy with that, considering we've been going at this for almost six years. 

So, what's bugging me?  That Follow Me number over there -----> 398.  It's been bouncing up and down for weeks now but never quite reaching 400. 

End my suffering, please. . .

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  1. I'm a follower already. I do wish I could follow you two more times.

  2. Just made a link. Happy to help.

  3. Don't you worry about stats or "Follow Me". This blog is worlds better than Fr. Z or Mark Shea.