30 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Proof that the Tea Party movement is racist, violent, etc.  A must read.  Really, read it.  

Don't be too quick to blame Muslim students at CUA for that ridiculous lawsuit.   Looks like the work of yet another media driven anti-Catholic bigot with a law degree and tenure.

USCCB doubles down on Sr. Johnson's book.   The Good Sister claims that the bishops never met with her.  Crdl. Wuerl says he offered to meet with her three times and she never responded.

The so-called "Arab Spring" is a real horror story for young women.  Remember. . .B.O.'s Smart Diplomacy got them there.  Caution:  the subject matter is a bit gruesome.

Home foreslocure law firm throws a homeless-themed Halloween party. . .stir the tar, fluff the feathers, boys!

How the concept of "experience" is used by modernist Catholics to undermine the Church.  We were fed bucketsful of "experience theology" when I was n seminary.

Deo gratis!  Catholic diocese loses its bid to purchase the Crystal Cathedral.  Maybe the next bishop of Orange will build a Catholic church for his cathedral.

Evangelical convert to the Church explains how the deformed Protestant concept of sola scriptura led him back to Rome.

My fav soup. . .can you throw in a side order of The Wailing of Their Women, please?

Surprisingly, these are not road signs here in Rome.  Though it does help explain Italian bureaucracy.

Hmmmm. . .maybe we should consider this sign for Sunday morning's "family Mass."  (ducks, runs)

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