24 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Conspiracy theorists will love this. . .the lesson for high school/college students is more obvious:  don't trust the internet as an accurate source for your research.

Speaking of editing history. . .WaPo scrubs its hit piece of Mario Rubio

The racist history of gun control. . .Gun control advocates dismiss this history as irrelevant to current efforts to control access to guns.  Fine.  But gun control still has racial (if not racist) consequences.

The Workers' Paradise of OWS is starting to fuss and fight over $$$.  This is what happens when bong-induced undergrad philosophizing collides with the realities of human nature.

Some loon burns a bible during the Papal Mass in Rome.  I bet it was a Protestant version.

Wow.  More "smart diplomacy" from B.O. & The Amateurs:  Billions of American dollars spent, thousands of American lives ended. . .and the prez of Afghanistan promises to ally with Pakistan in a war against. . .America!  

What are the whiners in the OWS movement really "raging" against?

Speaking of OWS whiners. . .here's one.  (NB. strong language) 

Cathy rants about classes in "yoga, the enneagram, tai-chi, labyrinth, channeling, reiki and other New Age" stuff being taught in Catholic parishes.  Rant on, sister!

Steve Jobs goes to heaven. . .and gets his wish.

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  1. Pontifex Minimus12:10 PM


    If I were elected Pope, the first thing I would do is shut down this whole "Justice and Peace" office. This is the definition of "pontificating".