25 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The true poverty of the OWS protesters isn't financial. . .

OWS isn't even close to being the "99%". . ."[OWS] doesn't represent unemployed America and is not ideologically diverse. Rather, it comprises an unrepresentative segment of the electorate that believes in radical redistribution of wealth, civil disobedience and, in some instances, violence."

Right Diagnosis, Deadly Cure.  . .a critique of the recently published document on money and morals by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  My thoughts exactly. 

Another WIN for B.O.'s "smart diplomacy":  terrorist pensions to be paid from U.S. aid money.

"Liberal suicide":  on the long, slow decline of the once-great Episcopal Church.  NB.  the E.C. is now what the Catholic Left wants the RCC to become. 

Most Transparent Administration Evah!  B.O. proposes rule changes to the Freedom of Info Act that will allow bureaucrats to lie about the existence of public records.

The Spirit of Vatican Two Peace Bong Catholic Community gets a new pastor.  When will he have time to reload???

Happy with Puppy Yoda the Force is not.

Ummm, yea. . .I don't think we'll be needing your babysitting services any longer.

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  1. Uncle Tommy's found a way to never be asked to babysit Junior again!

  2. You better believe OWS doesn't represent unemployed America. When I was among the ranks of unemployed Americans, I did not defecate on the hoods of police cars or hang out on the street amid mountains of garbage, haranguing passers-by, or tape paper currency across my mouth. I spent all my time pounding the pavement, visiting the unemployment office, making phone calls, dropping in on prospective employers, combing job listings, sending out resumes, taking aptitude tests, signing up with temp agencies, and otherwise trying to correct the situation. Also taking whatever temporary jobs I could lay my hands on, however crappy or low-paying, just to have some money coming in. These trust-fund rag-bags have not the first clue.

  3. CiceroOnHisFarm2:18 PM

    About the Episcopal Church. Since correlation and causality are not the same, --and many traditional churches are in a kind of decline*--, it's hard to say that their ultraliberal policies are THE cause. But it's also pretty hard now to make the case that appeasing religion's "cultured despisers" and turning yourself into the Democrat Party at prayer is a recipe for growth.

    *PS, I am told that were it not for the influx of Hispanics, the US RC church would be in serious trouble. I have wondered if the Bishops' (to me) near treasonous cooperation with illegal aliens is not in part motivated by self-interest...

  4. The baby in the casserole dish reminds me of a woman who left her toddler with the crew on a sub's mess deck while she toured the boat with her boyfriend. When she got back they had the kid naked, greased up and sittin in a roasting pan resting on the oven door, ready to go in (just kidding). The boy was absolutely happy as could be, playing with all his new friends.

    "Mom" was not amused.

    That which is wet, brown and smelly dropped into the ventilation enhancement device shortly afterwards.