29 October 2011

OCCUPY Coffee Bowl Browsing!

The OSW rap sheet. . .child prostitution, heroin dealing, rape, death threats, anti-Semitism, Nazis (no, real Neo-Nazis) marching in camo with guns, rioting, public masturbation, and on and on.

Some pigs are more equal than others:  OccupyLA's "Peoples' Assembly" (or whatever) suffers a coup over the central committee's fascist ways.  Heh.

No.  Jesus would NOT be among the OWS crowd. . .except maybe to convert them from their hypocrisy and licentiousness.  

OWS protesters meet the Real World:  "[OWS cooks are] angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for 'professional homeless' people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters."  Apparently, freeloading from people who work for a living is a Bad Thing.  Who knew?

A little philosophical history of the OWS movement:  Academic anarchist promotes chaos.

KKK Poo-Bah marches with OWS in Phoenix. . .Crickets solemnly chirp in the MSM.

OWS finance committee member "redistributes" $20,000 into her own account.

"Instead of hope and change, the Obama presidency has delivered decline and despair on a scale not seen in America since the dying days of the Carter administration."  And W. had his hand in this decline as well. 

The left's Official Propagandist is caught lying. . .again.   Seriously, he claimed he wasn't among the 1%.  He's worth $50m and he's "one of the 99%."  HA!

Well, the Great Unwashed of the OWS get one thing right. . .

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  1. Father - you forgot one:

    I Am The 99% - St. Blog's edition.

    BTW - in response to your previous post - I really really like the funny links. I find that, for me, most of the "newsy" links you provide are stories/articles that I've seen either in my Reader or at other blogs.

  2. Father -- I really enjoy your blog, but being new to it, I gotta' ask, what the heck is a Coffee Bowl? I feel like I'm missing something. Do enjoy your take on the OSW mess, it's not a good thing at all.


  3. The Michael Moore link is priceless!