22 October 2011

Coffee Bowl Browsing (73% Funny Edition)

A report on the upcoming inter-religious meeting in Assisi.  The Vatican is going out of its way to avoid anything that even looks like syncretism

And check out this post on how the Occupy Baltimore camps are bickering over sexual harassment, internal violence and dissident, and whether or not Occupiers should involve the police.

A Shakespeare Insult Kit. . .read this, you goatish elf-skinned flap dragon!

A visual depiction of the definition of the phrase, "impending doom."

It's like a horizontal bungee. . .I'd try it.

Normally, I'd say that this is a false dilemma. . .but it's So Right.

Objects on the rear-view mirror may appear more simian than they really are. . .or not.

Philosoraptor asks a really good question. . .of course, he's making a Wittgensteinian assumption about the relationship btw language and thought.

Stare Dad on the proper way to parent during those sibling rivalry years.

Good advice. . .from GOD.

Yikes. . .creepy.

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