06 August 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

SHOCKING! (Not)  Openly gay federal judge discovers previously unknown constitutional right for same-sex "marriage."  Who knew?  Of course, this is a piece of social engineering disguised as a judicial ruling

One legal analysis of the opinion.  The judge's ruling opens the floodgates. . .there are to be no unreasonable limits on who can be married:  siblings, multi-partners, etc.  The slick move here is to define "reasonable" strictly in terms of an evolving social ethic and a radical notion of individuality w/o reference to the importance of traditional marriage to fabric of a healthy social order.

The MSM meme/spin on the victory of MO's anti-ObamaCare referendum:  Republican voters put the measure over the top.  No.  There aren't enough GOP voters in MO to reach the 79% approval the measure received. . .meaning, that Dems and Independents voted against B.O. in droves.

Uber-atheist Bad Boy, Christopher Hitchens is suffering from cancer.  He notes that people are praying for him. . .please add your voice to theirs!

Whiny priests grouse about the new Missal translation.  Remember:  Joe and Sue Catholic are too stupid to get all that flowery religiousy language.

The MSM:  more trusted than pedophiles and serial killers. . .but just barely.

On not fitting the narrative:  Black Tea Partiers

Bewares the Monkies. . .they's devious.

Yes, please. . .I'll need one of these filled with holy water when I become a vampire-fighting priest! My orders from the Vatican are coming any day now. . .annnnyyy day now.

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  1. Jay C8:34 PM

    From OSV's Guide to Internet. You're from the Eastern Province!!

    Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!

    "A blog maintained by a St. Joseph's Province Dominican, which includes his homilies from Mass."— David C. Paternostro, S.J.