01 August 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

"The Hilarious Arizona Ruling". . .an evisceration.

More than meets the racist eye?  There may be a lot to Sherrod's firing from the FDA than a NAACP speech.

I once shocked a group of proper English Dominicans by telling them that I'd shoot an intruder in my home.  This woman chose the better way

Only in Lefty World is bullfighting a social evil while abortion is a protected right.  

Looks like Prince Charles may be King Charles, eco-fascist/Messiah in the making.

B.O. to Democrat Rangel:  time to go "with dignity."  Um, a little late for that.

On the 11 Minute Mass. . .

Rash of rabbit muggings ends in confrontation

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  1. Regarding the Arizona Law and court; One might be tempted to ask why a used car dealer is required to verify information which Arizona Law Enforcement is apparently forbidden to seek. That's right, a dealer can't sell you youa car without your presenting the same ID.

    Used car salesmen as unwilling law enforcement officers; now there's an image!