05 August 2010

Venn Diagramming a College Website

So True!

Why do university websites make it so difficult to find info about a particular department?  I get requests from parents/students to review a university's Catholic-Worthiness and find myself spending twenty minutes trying to find out who's on the theology faculty.  Also, I need to write a post on how to translate Catholic university PR-speak into English. . .

Source:  Althouse

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  1. I've been looking at lots of different college websites for a class I want to take, and it's always a great pain to find the course schedule. BOY, is this diagram true.

    Do you suppose colleges are motivated to make certain information HARD to find? Maybe if their faculty lists are readily available, you can size them up too easily...

  2. The problem stems from the fact that the creators of the content are never the people who ever go looking for that content.

  3. Thought you as a lit guy might appreciate this other little gem:


  4. Father, Try using "site:www.whatevercollegeyouarelookingat.edu theology faculty" as the keyword in Google

    The "site:" operator is a great way to find things on sites that are tucked away, I use it all the time to dig stuff out of the NAB at the USCCB site: "site:www.usccb.org/nab/ Romans 3" pulls up the 3rd chapter of Romans, for example