08 August 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Boy Scouts boo B.O.'s recorded message to them. . .he skipped the BSA meeting to sit on the Fawning Couch with the harpies. . .errrrr. . .ladies of The View.   Not sure it is a good sign that Boy Scouts are booing the President.  If nothing else, the Office deserves respect.

Hope and Change for real transparency:  city gov'ts are posting public employees' salaries on-line.  Maybe this will be the first step in teaching public servants that American citizens are not simply storing the gov't's money 'til April 15th.

First Lady acting like a certain pre-Revolutionary Queen?  The story of Michelle's extravagant vacation in southern Spain isn't about the money spent. . .surely some U.S. city could have used the $375,000 she spent.  This is about the apparent inability/unwillingness of the Obama's to SEE that middle America is in desperate shape.  Whether they care or not is besides the point. . .they must appear to care.  It's what politicians are supposed to do.  

The Southern Poverty Law Center used to be one of my favorite organizations.  Lately, they have swerved into self-serving fantasy land by attacking Tea Partiers as racist.  But the question must be asked:  Who's Whiter:  the SLPC or the Tea Party?

Chris Christie for President?  I say, "Yes!  It's time for another Fat Guy in the White House!"

Bush appointee to the federal bench is accused of colluding with prosecutors in an immigration raid and then presided over the trail of those arrested.  If true, she needs to be impeached.

The environment disaster that wasn't. . .or isn't any longer.  The Worst Disaster in Natural History meme served to thump B.O.'s crisis management skills, bolster environmentalist hysteria, and expose corporate greed and irresponsibility.  Unfortunately, for those who hoped/planned to use the accident to maximum political advantage, it looks like the oil spill is little more than spilled milk now.

Um, yea. . .but no thanks.  I like the ground.

Two birds, one stone. . .the plot thickens.

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  1. Your last link has some...errr...vulgarity, Father...

  2. Micah, thanks! I skipped the intro paragraph and went straight to the article.

  3. Father, the article you linked about the judge in the Postville, IA raid was not telling the whole story, which is a far more complex issue than just Big Government.

    The church there (St. Brigit) is part of our Archdiocese and has taken a major role in caring for the immigrants that have been detained there. Those people were supposed to have been deported, but the government wanted them as witnesses, so they had to remain in Postville with no means of support.

    Much of the cost of helping these detainees has fallen on the Church, which has been working hand-in-hand with Protestant and Jewish leaders to help these people. Archbishop Hanus, who is usually very mild-mannered and not the sort to make waves, has made a passionate stand regarding the treatment of these people.

    Regarding the judge's actions in the Postville raid, the matter is still being sorted out and that article was written with very little information.

    This is the latest ploy of Rubashkin's lawyers to get him off the hook. Trust me, those lawyers have tried all kinds of things to get him released. He completely deserves his jail time. Many of the other charges against him were dropped after he was convicted because he already would be in jail for the rest of his life. Rubashkin's lawyers believe that if he gets a new trial, he'll get off and the state can't go after him on the other crimes.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  4. Maria, I read the story as a report on the unethical behavior of the judge rather than a story about the immigrants themselves. Whether they are guilty or innocent, a judge should not be collaborating with the prosecution.