03 August 2010

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What can't the federal government do?  Why, there's nothing it can't do!

Dress it up in all the PostMod litcrit mumbo-jumbo you like, it's still plagiarism

VA lawsuit against ObamaCare is cleared to proceed to trial. 

About ten years ago I went to see a doctor about my persistently crampy and sore right elbow.  During the initial examination he asked what I did for a living.  I piped up, "I'm a Dominican friar."  He looked at me for about three seconds and wrote on the top of my chart:  "SEDENTARY."  I don't think that was a geological observation.

On why the Left needs racism. . .whether it's real or not. 

Illegal immigrant who was released twice by the feds gets drunk and kills a nun.  Typical?  No.  But look for this guy to become the face of the anti-illegal immigrant movement. 

Government-run healthcare kills a 25 year old woman in the U.K.  Left to die from an infection, the woman sends pics of herself to family and friends as she dies.

Why haven't we heard much from the MSM about that solider who is accused of leaking thousands of pages of military secrets to Wikileaks? The answer won't surprise you.

Is your pastor burning out?  Blame lack of time off and his cell phone!  Even Jesus got in a boat and spend some time away from the crowds.  No one--and I mean NO one--needs to be on-call 24/7.

While at home with the family I took my nieces out to lunch.  The second we plopped down in our seats, the older niece whips out her cell phone, ignoring me and her sister, and starts texting her friends.  So, I asked her if I could see her phone.  She handed it to me, and I put it in my pocket.  Needless to say, she was a bit peeved at me.  I'm happy to report that she survived the trauma.

Why guys are cool. . .#13 is the best.

The dinosaurs' extinction:  fashion faux-pas.

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  1. It used to be "Kill your tv." I now think it's "Kill your cellphone."

    No, really. Smash it. Unless you're a doctor on call at the E/R or carrying the Nuclear Football, having a cell phone at your hands and hips all the time is the most dehumanizing/desocializing gadget since... well, the tv.

  2. @"SEDENTARY":

    It was the realization that I spend the vast majority of my day sitting, e.g. during my long commute, all day at the office, and on the couch at home, that I decided just yesterday to stack my office computer on a couple boxes, hook up a wireless mouse, and create a standing workstation. Now, I stand at work, walk in place as I type (I'm doing this right now), and I feel much better when I leave to go home. Why sit? I ask.

  3. Sharon7:54 PM

    The Melbourne Australia universities my children attend have very strict plaigarism rules. Every assignment they submit has a "Statement of authorishp" document they have to sign. If a student is caught plaigarising "or collusion in an assessable talk the marks awarded for that task will be zero and no substitution of an alternative task will be normally be permitted...Where an allegation is substantiated, penalties may include exclusion from the University or a substantial fine...." University of Melbourne Assignment Cover Sheet

    That guy's list is a bit dated. Blokes these days spend ages on the phone talking to friends, many have their backs, chest and arms waxed, change hairstyles often and have you looked at the men's cosmetic products in shops lately?