05 August 2010


A few updates and an explanation. . . 

A.W.O.L.?  No.  Just trying to get stuff done before the U.K. trip next week.  Mea culpa!  I'm back.

Great summer classes. . .despite problems with getting the books ordered for class, the heat, the afternoon funk of the Morning Person Professor, etc. . .both my classes this summer have been excellent.  Good students make all the difference!  (NB.  to my students who may read this:  yes, you still have to take the exam. . .)

Hist/Phil of Science at U.D. . .a couple of U.D. profs are working on a concentration option for students here, an inter-disciplinary set of courses that bring the sciences and humanities together.   The university will need help funding this new program, so let me know if you can help.  They'll need money for guest lecturers, conferences, etc.  Giving Catholic college students a generous dose of non-atheistic scientific history and philosophy of science is crucial in today's increasingly secularize academy.

New U.D. chaplain. . .After a very brief absence (just barely two years), the O.P.'s have reclaimed the chaplain's chair at U.D.  Fr. Rudy Garcia has taken on full-time vocations work for the diocese and Fr. Don Dvorak, OP has replaced him as U.D.'s chaplain.  Fr. Dvorak is also the prior of St Albert the Great Priory here in Irving and most recently the pastor of St Dominic's Parish in NOLA.

Please gear up your prayer list and keep the Order of Preachers at the top. . .the General Elective Chapter will be meeting in Rome in September.  The electors will choose a new Master of the Order for a nine year term.  The Order is seeing tremendous growth in parts of the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.  The new Master will have his hands full. . .and Dominicans are always a hand full.

Great new Wish List feature. . .a while back I experimented with a Book Depository Wish List.  B.D. has free delivery worldwide.  Since shipping costs to Rome run around $14, this is a great sales pitch for HancAquam book benefactors.  However, I could never get the list to work correctly.  Now, Amazon offers the Universal Wish List, which allows users to put anything available on the web on their Amazon Wish List.  So, I put a few B.D. books on my Wish List!  B.D. doesn't sell used books, however, the free shipping to Rome can easily defray the cost of a new book vs. a used one.  Check thee it out.

Being back in the U.S. is always an adventure. . .my thanks to all the folks here in Irving who have made me feel welcomed!  The lunches, dinners, retreats, invited talks, etc. have reminded me why I love being a priest and a Dominican.  I'll be back in the U.S. over Christmas, but my visit will be limited to Mississippi and the family.  However, if I fail the French exam again I may find myself back in TX on a more permanent basis. 

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  1. Sorry we missed you again this year, Father. We'll try to feed you next time you come through Irving.

    And we'll pray for the success of your latest round of French studies.

  2. Flam, I don't embarrass easily. But I am VERY embarrassed about missing you guys this year. I just got overwhelmed by work and ministry. My only excuse is that the bella figura lifestyle of Rome has softened my sense of purpose and sap me of my drive! Essentially, I am a gregarious introvert and I burn out easily. No excuse, I know...mea culpa!

  3. No problem, really, Father. I trust that the Good Lord pointed you to those who needed you more than we did.

    We're all well. And I'll make a point to email you pictures of the family and a general update.

    Should you persist in asking my apology, I can only reply as a server in the EF, "Misereatur tui omnipotens Deus..."

  4. fragranceofgod1:59 AM

    Please don't fail the French - you are needed in Rome!

  5. hummmm, so, will you be mad at me if I hope for you to fail??? ;-)