30 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

[NB.  Apologies for being so quiet lately.  I've yet to figure out how to adjust my Roman lifestyle with my American schedule.  This failure is taking its toll.  Fortunately, Friday is my play day!]

Clinton appointee issues preliminary injunction against the enforcement of some portions of AZ's anti-illegal immigration law. . .and the Talking Head Consensus seems to be that this is bad for B.O. b/c it gives the impression that the feds aren't really all that interested in enforcing immigration law.

Judge's decision causes "helplessness and anarchy."  Frankly, reading the decision is scary.  Judge Bolton is preoccupied with the policy implications of the law and not its legal standing.  She spends a great deal of time writing about how the law will "burden" law enforcement, etc.  That's not her job.  We hire politicians to deal with money and logistics. 

Study finds that reporting on scientific research in the media has taken on an increasingly authoritarian tone since the 1980's. 

Why is the DoJ stalling when it comes to protecting the voting rights of our nation's men and women in uniform?  Maybe b/c military folks tend to vote for the Wrong Party?

Well-worth the time to read the whole thing:  What unique contribution can a Catholic education make to the maintenance of western liberal democracy?  More specifically, what contribution can a uniquely Dominican education make

More on racial discrimination in admissions at America's elite universities.  Poor Whitey Need Not Apply.

That Catholic professor of Catholicism at the Univ of IL who was fired for. . .GASP!. . .teaching Catholicism has been rehired.  This is good news.  Now, he should pursue his lawsuit and find out the real reason he was fired.

In other anti-Christian news, a Jewish prof who converted to Christianity is ostracized at Oxford U.  

Anne Rice "breaks up" with Christianity. . .not with Christ, mind you. . .but with Christianity.  Ah, the fruits of a Spirit of Vatican Two religious education!  Unfortunately, this latest development in the author's spiritual saga was entirely predictable.  Her autobiography is chocked-full of mental reservations, doctrinal dodges, and self-authorized exemptions.  Fortunately, the Spirit is hard at work and we will likely see Mrs. Rice among us again.

No, B.O. is not a Muslim.  And even if he were a Muslim, he could still be an excellent American President.  That he is not an excellent American President has nothing to do with his faith or lack thereof. 

Cambridge student sitting exams gets his cakes and ale. . .and a little comeuppance.

Consumer decision-making when confronted with buying organic and non-organic products.

An experiment in testing the meaning of friendship:  a car trunk, a dog, and your spouse.

A graph predictions what people will do during the Coming Zombie Apocalypse.  They left out:  "Become a Human Zombie Collaborator."  Sorry, but the CZA means it's time to CYA.

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  1. "Ah, the fruits of a Spirit of Vatican Two religious education!"

    Padre, the problems in faulty teaching of the Faith predates Vat II. As a personal example, I remember my father relating how the parish priest had counseled him that the use of condoms was acceptable in order to ensure martial harmony with my athiest mother. That was some years before Vat II, and the priest wasn't a hippie wannabe (he passed away the following year from old age.)

    A more well known example would be the full hearted embrace by Catholic Americans of JFK as "one of us". This happened even after he'd made clear his religious beliefs would play no part in his Presidential decisions. That sort of talk gets Pelosi, Biden, etc. roundly castigated these days. If you can't live your faith just how truly are you a member of it? Yet Catholic Americans in general saw nothing wrong with it back then.

    Vat II sometimes seems to get a bum rap. But I'll stay off that particular soap box (for now).

  2. That Cambridge story helps explain something I've been wondering ever since I read "Let Dons Delight" by Ronald Knox, a wonderful book set in Oxford. One of the chapters is entitled "Cakes and Ale", and I couldn't figure out why.

  3. From Fr. Sweeney,"They are speaking, if at all, to an aging elite, to Catholics whose education in College was completed prior to 1970. ... students were presented a Catholic view of the human person, grounding in the moral teaching, insight into the relationship of faith and reason along with a confidence in reason, and a sense of the common good and the necessity for responsible citizenship."

    I graduated from a Catholic University in January 1970. Whew!

    I can attest that what he's saying is true.

  4. Unfortunately, this latest development in the author's spiritual saga was entirely predictable.

    Spiritual saga? Sounds more like an ODDyssey.

  5. I agree with subvet that Vat. II gets a bum rap. A perusal of pre-Vatican II sermons show that many of the problems associated with the council have a long history anterior to it. See for example the many sermons of Fr. Franz Hunolt: http://cbworm.stblogs.com/catholic-sermons/

  6. Ah, the fruits of a Spirit of Vatican Two religious education!

    But Anne Rice graduated from high school in 1959, before Vatican II even started? So she would have already had her religious education?