15 May 2010

les mauvaises herbes du mal. . .

Sigh. . .French translation exam is done.  Ran out of time before I finished.

I've been practicing on a book by Etienne Gilson, L'etre et l'essence.  Very straightforward, logical Thomistic stylist.

The exam was a passage from Descartes letters!  Not a straightforward, logical Thomistic stylist.  I should have been a little more eclectic.

So, here's to trying again in October. . .

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  1. Father: Have you used the Assimil language courses? I found them invaluable while I was learning French to study with the Institut du Christ Roi.

  2. Ah Descartes! La raison, la foi et la doute!
    Sure you did better than you think!

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Je ne parle pas francais.
    Sorry you didn't do well.

  4. Catastrophizing a tad? ;) You did your best. Enjoy some French cheese and wine and celebrate that it's behind you (yes, even if just for a couple of months).

  5. Father, have you tried Rosetta Stone? That program is supposed to be helpful in learning the various foreign languages.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  6. O mon pere, ne desesperez pas! Peut-etre vous avez eu un bon succes! (My keyboard isn't bilingual!) Perhaps you did better than you think -- if not, then courage! Tout ira bien au mois d'octobre!

  7. Fr Joseph Mack2:02 PM

    Hang in there, younger brother - you'll make it!