10 May 2010

Podcasting. . .???

Comments on the Podcasts?

Clear?  Speaking too fast?  Too slow?  Ease of downloading?  Problems of any sort?

The echo is unavoidable since the chapel has a 30ft ceiling. . .I turn the microphone away from the lectern b/c I figure my big mouth hardly needs amplification. 

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1 comment:

  1. I've read many of your homilies and listeneed to three of the podcasts. I prefer reading your homilies to hearing them

    Your homilies are challenging, encouraging, educational, motivational, well-crafted and orthodox. You use many tools of composition very effectively. Perhaps because you may be speaking to many people for whom English is not a first language, you don't use the tools of a speaker. You vary sentence length, but your volume, pitch and speed are very consistent. Even relatively small amounts of variability in these vocal characteristics can help to frame the language.

    On an unrelated topic, after two unsuccessful cardiac procedures, I'm going in for a quintuple bypass on Monday and would appreciate your prayers.