11 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

On SCOTUS nominee, Elena Kagan:  Being nice to your ideological enemies is not a sign that you think they are right.  

Does Kagan believe that the Constitution can be read to support SSM?  Maybe. 

64 high speed chases in AZ county. . .not one of the perps was a U.S. citizen.

John Allen outlines the significance (and possible consequences) of Cardinal Pell being appointed to the head the Congregation of Bishops. 

Following the electoral chaos in the U.K. makes me very happy that our Founding Fathers chucked the parliamentary system in favor of something more republican!

On the factually-challenged MSNBC. . .Chris Matthews blames the right-wing gov'ts of Greece, Spain, and Portugal for financial collapse.  FACT:  all three countries are currently governed by socialist parties.

The Welfare State Death Spiral. . .is Greece a preview for the U.S.?

On Obama Messiahism"If twentieth-century history teaches us anything, it’s that political religions spell trouble."  The Devil is always trying to seduce us with movements/ideas/causes that mimic the Church. . .anything to draw us away from Christ!

Homer Simpson, call your cardiologist!  It's processed ham infused with more processed ham.  

10 Bizarre Psychological Disorders. . .these are bizarre; however, nothing beats Borderline Personality Disorder when it comes to just plain scary. . .and untreatable.

Or, you could suffer from Dress Up Like a Doctor Kill a Deer and Drive Around in a Stolen Ambulance Disorder.   

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Kagan, Obama, et al went to Harvard. They taught law - go read the utter genius, world-shaking stuff they got published.

    Little people know nothing. It was okay that kagan stopped military recruiters because the Harvard faculty voted to disobey federal law - passed by Congress. She only complied when the Feds moved to enforce the law/cut off taxpayers' dolears to harvard.



    STFU and do what they tell you.