17 May 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Are left-wing undergraduates running the country?  Yea, I think so.  Fortunately, we will soon have an opportunity to put the adults back in charge.

Corollary:  America is the university, B.O. is our dean.  I've been thinking about this analogy for some time.  It struck me one day that someone who has spent his whole professional life in the academy would see university culture as a great model for governing a nation.

Jimmy Akin and Fr. Fessio fisk the controversial remarks of Cardinal Schonborn.  There's a time and place to get philosophical. . .interviews with the bigots of the anti-Catholic MSM isn't one of them.

Along with Boston Legal, I stopped watching Law & Order about 10 yrs. ago.  Got tired of being preached to by their dramatic recreations of NYT op-ed disinformation.

Gallup Poll:  76% of Americans say moral values in the United States are getting worse.  No surprise here.  Empires in decline abroad always rot from within.  

Case in point. . .the Big Brotherization of the U.K.

What is it with B.O. admin-lackeys and their willingness to condemn the AZ anti-illegal immigration law even though they haven't read it?

Damien Thompson reveals a plan by British liturgists to torture the Holy Father when he visits the U.K. in September. 

For the discerning papabile in your life:  Pope Pius IX's cologne.  Growing up in the 80's as a zealot yuppie, I spent many a dollar on good cologne.  At one point in my life--while holding down a good-paying job--I had about 20 bottles of the stuff.  I rarely wear any now. . .when I do it's John Varvatos--an older friar gave me a bottle he was given as a Christmas gift.

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  1. Father Philip: By saying "British liturgists" you are, like many Americans (and English to a certain extent) falling into the error of using the term "British" to mean "English" and vice versa. The terms are not interchangeable. As you will note from the latter part of DTs article these ghastly settings will not be used in Scotland.

  2. I think the Left-wing children, who are unfortunately running our country, are living in la-la land.

    The moral decay of America is heartbreaking to see....

    God Bless, Father Philip.

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I dig L&O Criminal Intent: the lead detective is a geek like me and he psychologically tortures the suspects. Besides, they even attempted, weakly, to make it a good vs. evil saga by injecting his nemesis, Nicolle Wallace, that added an interesting dynamic to a TV series.

    But I have to say that I count the days when L&o SVU will go out of air. There is a show that "educates" about all kinds of sexual perversions. Beyond creepy, immoral!

  4. I wear and enjoy the Pope's Cologne. It's a manly summer fragrance, rather inexpensive for a scent composed from essential oils and when compared to mass marketed colognes, and even made by a Catholic. I recommend it.